Drain Jetting Benefits

Our drain jetting service is the fastest and most effective way to unblock your drains. Our unmatched fast responsive service ensures issues are resolved as quicky and easily as possible.

  • Cleans pipework – Drain jetting isn’t just used on block pipes but is also utilised for pipe cleaning and descaling. The high-pressure washing means that minor obstructions and bacteria build up can be removed. Avoiding serious blockages in the future. 

This in conjunction with our team of engineers who can replace or repair any drainage issues should these be highlighted from our works or camera inspections. Also the recent issue of rodent ingress and the relevant equipment to restrict their access into living areas.

How can I tell if I require Drain Jetting?

  • Toilet water rising to the top when flushed and draining away too slowly.
  • Plugholes gargling when draining.
  • Bad smells coming from your drains around your premises.

1st about plumbing will be happy to help if any of the above is occurring at your property. Our team of friendly staff can advise you on the correct solution to your specific problem.

Why Choose us

Using our vast experience and our unmatched fast responsive service, results in your drains being treated as soon as possible. We are fully accredited with City and Guilds. When booking with us we can assure you the professional drain jetting service covering all aspects.

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Other Services

We are a company that provides many skills and services so that we are the only team you need. We have a large fully-qualified team of professional gas engineers, qualified for both domestic and commercial gas projects and maintenance as well as plumbers and carpenters who provide:

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Our leak detection services help many across Kent and the surrounding areas. No matter the problem our leak detection specialists can help trace and repair the leak whether this be central heating leaks, underfloor heating leaks or main leaks.

Gas & Boiler Services

Our team of qualified engineers are dedicated to helping with all aspects of boiler maintenance, repairs, upgrades and installation.

Carpentry Service

High quality carpentry service in Kent and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of experience, we can provide tailored woodwork for all industrial and commercial and residential buildings including maintenance within schools across the region and public offices.

Fire Doors

1st About plumbing design bespoke fire doors that can be custom made to any specific requirements and are manufactured to both UK and European standards. We can produce doors in a wide range of material and finishes including Veneer Facing, paint grades and Laminate Facings. 


If you have blocked drain, then we can help you by utilizing our reliable Moling service. This service allows us to replace and repair damaged piping to keep your water flow at the optimum speed. We also specialise in the installation of new water pipes for commercial properties.